What is the Disadvantage of Epoxy Resin Flooring?

Epoxy flooring, with its array of advantages such as durability, aesthetic versatility, and ease of maintenance, has undeniably carved a niche in the flooring industry. However, as with all products, epoxy flooring comes with its set of challenges. At Epoxy Experts, transparency is our cornerstone. We believe our esteemed clientele in Vancouver, BC should be well-informed about both the pros and cons of epoxy resin flooring.

Potential Disadvantages:

Installation Expertise Required: The installation process requires a precise hand and knowledge. It’s not a DIY-friendly task. Proper surface preparation, correct mixing ratios, and application techniques are pivotal. Missteps in installation can lead to unwanted outcomes like peeling or bubbling.

Temporary Odor: During the curing phase, epoxy can emit a robust odor. While this scent dissipates post-curing and doesn’t linger, it may be bothersome to some.

Slipperiness When Wet: High-gloss epoxy finishes can become slippery when wet. However, textured finishes or the addition of anti-slip additives can counteract this.

UV Sensitivity: Some epoxy floors can discolor or adopt a yellowish hue when subjected to direct and prolonged sunlight. To mitigate this, one can opt for UV-resistant products or consider the installation of Polyaspartic instead of traditional epoxy if the area is prone to significant sunlight exposure.

Cost: The initial outlay for epoxy flooring might appear steep, especially when juxtaposed with alternatives like tiles or carpets. However, when longevity, minimal maintenance costs, and value addition are considered, the economics often tilt in epoxy’s favor.

Epoxy Experts’ Commitment:

Notwithstanding these potential downsides, Epoxy Experts vouch for the impeccable quality of products like CTM Coatings. Our seasoned team ensures flawless installation, circumventing common pitfalls. Furthermore, we shepherd our clients through the entire decision-making trajectory, delivering bespoke solutions attuned to individual requisites.


No flooring solution is devoid of its challenges. The crux lies in understanding these in light of one’s unique needs, juxtaposed against the overarching benefits. With enlightened decisions backed by industry stalwarts like Epoxy Experts, many potential issues can be sidestepped or solved.

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