Commercial kitchens are busy, high-traffic environments that require food preparation surfaces to be easy to clean, hygienic and durable. Superior kitchen hygiene begins at the floor, so it is critical to keep floor surfaces clean and sanitary. Food preparation surfaces have a greater need for superior hygiene in a catering environment, so a flooring surface with antimicrobial properties is a perfect solution. Read on to learn why epoxy flooring is ideal for commercial kitchens.

Epoxy flooring is a great choice for commercial kitchens

Although not every restaurant owner prefers a hard industrial floor, not every chef does. In a busy commercial kitchen, epoxy flooring is the ideal choice for slip-resistant flooring. Its flexibility allows for a variety of patterns and colors and will help you avoid the need for non-slip mats. A few other benefits of epoxy flooring make it a good choice for commercial kitchens. Let’s take a look at some of them.

It is durable

In addition to being durable, epoxy is food-safe, making it an excellent option for kitchen countertops. Food preparation surfaces must be easy to clean and durable, and epoxy is a great option for commercial kitchens. In addition to being food-safe, epoxy is also less likely to scratch or develop wear patterns over time. It is also better suited for areas that are prone to movement or heavy foot traffic. Finally, epoxy offers antimicrobial properties, making it an excellent choice for kitchens.

It is easy to clean

To maintain the shiny look of your new kitchen flooring, you should follow a few simple tips. First of all, use a hard foam mop to clean up tracked-in dirt. You can also use a soft brush to gently scrub stains. Never use bleach or any harsh chemicals. These can damage the coating. The next step is to apply a semi-gloss polish to the floor.

It is cost-effective

A high-end restaurant or hotel can spend a lot of money on a new flooring system, but a low-cost flooring option may be a good choice for a kitchen. Depending on the material, epoxy can be installed at a very low cost. Some epoxy flooring systems cost less than $2.50 per square foot, and a small job could cost as little as $8. Epoxy flooring can also last a long time, so you can easily replace it if necessary.

It prevents slip and fall accidents

In busy commercial kitchens, spills are common. A slippery floor can cause injuries to workers, resulting in a large bill to compensate the injured worker and the company. Epoxy flooring is a perfect solution to the problem, as this floor covering is extremely durable and provides slip and fall resistance. It also resists chemical reactions, making it easy to clean up. Here are a few reasons why you should choose this type of flooring for your commercial kitchen.