Does Epoxy Floor Scratch Easily?

Epoxy flooring has been making waves in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces, thanks to its durable nature and aesthetic appeal. However, a common question posed by homeowners and businesses alike is regarding its susceptibility to scratches. Let’s delve into the truth behind this concern.

The Durability of Epoxy Floors:

Epoxy floors are renowned for their strength. The seamless, resinous layer offers a hard-wearing surface resistant to many forms of wear and tear, including light scratches. However, like any flooring, intense and frequent abrasion or heavy equipment dragging across can potentially mark the surface.

Factors Impacting Scratch Resistance:

Type of Epoxy Used: At Epoxy Experts, we use top-tier products like CTM Coatings, which inherently possess a high resistance to scratches and scuffs.

Thickness of the Application: A thicker application of epoxy typically offers greater protection against surface abrasions.

Topcoat Selection: Many epoxy floors, especially those in high-traffic areas or commercial spaces, have a protective topcoat applied. The use of polyaspartic topcoats can further enhance the scratch resistance of the floor.

Prevention and Maintenance:

To ensure your epoxy floor remains scratch-free, consider the following tips:

Furniture Protectors: Use felt pads or similar protectors under furniture legs to prevent unwanted scratches when moving items around.

Regular CleaningUse a microfiber broom for daily cleaning. Keeping the floor free from gritty dirt or sand can prevent unwanted scratches.

Avoid Dragging: Avoid dragging heavy objects or machinery across the floor. If necessary, use protective mats or ply boards.

Minor Scratch Repair:

The beauty of epoxy flooring is that minor scratches or abrasions can often be easily repaired. Depending on the depth of the scratch, a light buffing or reapplication of the topcoat can restore the floor’s shine and appearance.


While epoxy floors offer robust durability and resistance against many daily challenges, no flooring is entirely immune to potential damage. With the right care, preventive measures, and the quality installation offered by Epoxy Experts, your epoxy floor can maintain its lustre for years.

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